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Located in Tustin, Southern California, Pi-Lit® (Pi Variables, Inc.) is a technology company applying its effort to road safety. Since 2013 our team has been developing, manufacturing, and supporting advanced road safety products for the transportation industry.

Customer service is at the center of everything that we do. With our own in-house development team, it is easy for us to constantly prototype new solutions and improve existing products based on our customer’s feedback.

Our unique light sequencing technology is based on a network topology referred to as a “mesh”. In this network architecture all of the nodes (lamps, in our case) are equal; no master or slave. Our breakthrough innovation in applying mesh networking to road safety technology has resulted in 16 granted patents.

Our products are assembled in our facilities in California and Arizona. Ninety percent of the components are manufactured within 3 miles of our facility giving us a unique level of supply chain transparency and quality control that leads to more robust, reliable products. Pi-Lit® products are now seen on roadways throughout United States, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea and the Middle East.

Adam Selevan, M.S. - Chief Technology Officer - in house geek - BS Electrical Engineering - Bucknell University; MS Electrical and Computer Engineering (specialty in embedded control and IoT / wireless technology) Carnegie-Mellon University. Previously VP Technology at medical device company managing team developing new products.

Daniel Selevan - Operations - B.S. Physiology, University of Colorado (Boulder). Manages production and sales, and quite successfully.

Jim Selevan, M.D. spent too much time in school. Founder and CEO. BS (with honors) Electrical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University. Medical Degree (M.D.) University of Miami, Florida; Medical Specialty Training - Harvard University and Boston University; Graduate Engineering, M.I.T., Business Certificate Harvard Business School; Astronaut Candidate. Founded and managed large medical group Monarch HealthCare) with 2000 physicians and 250 employees. Founded a pharmaceutical publishing company (The Formulary, Inc.) providing technical drug information to hospital based pharmacists world-wide.

Give us a call. We love to hear your questions or feedback. We are enthusiastic about our technology, team of employees, and, of course, our products which bring enhanced safety to our roads.