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Safety driven engineering.
industry tested technologies.

With over 60,000 units sold worldwide, we are improving road safety wherever people drive.
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Pi-Lit® Sequential Technology not only warns approaching drivers, it guides them as well! When approaching a work zone or incident, drivers are often confused by the number of bright, flashing lamps. Rather than providing guidance, these strobe lamps create more confusion. A string of sequential flashing warning lamps designates a clear defined path for motorist to follow. There is a reason why airport runways use a sequential “rabbit” to guide pilots on their final approach.

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Pi-Lit® sequential technology is easy to use. Simply turn the lamp on and it will sequence itself. No programming, no searching for pre-numbered lamps, no limit to shape of path or range, turn on and deploy and the radios will do the rest. Making deployment quick and easy. Learn more about our products.

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Our products are proudly engineered and manufactured in the United States to provide superior quality and reliability. And warranty! With a team of engineers and product developers, Pi-Lit® is constantly developing features and products to enhance road safety today and into the future. Learn more about our company.